About us

The Yukon Trappers Association (YTA) is a non-profit organization which provides Yukon Trappers and the public with education, information, services and equipment for the trapline operation. Our main goals include:

  • Communicating with the Trapping Community
  • Public Education
  • Providing fur depot services to trappers (including sealing services)
  • Being a fur industry/trapper representative and advocate
  • Providing trapper development workshops
  • Working with other Associations and kindred or related businesses. For example; YF+WMB, YOA
  • Offering basic trapping supplies for sale as well as tanned fur.


The YTA has a growing membership, made up of individuals from all walks of life. As members of the YTA we all have to encourage those trappers who are not members to join up and make a difference. Our numbers are important when we work to affect changes! As a member, you’ll enjoy:

  • 10% discount from Our Store (except tanned furs)
  • bulk tanning rates
  • paid shipping for furs
  • your furs are insured once dropped off at YTA
  • the possibility of being a part of an advocacy group interested in trapping
  • receiving our newsletters

Annual charge (July 1 – June 30): 30.– single, 40.– family (up to 4, and children under 18 years), 200.– corporate.


The non-profit Yukon Trappers Association has been in operation since 1973, initiated by a group of trappers who wanted to speak with a unified voice and  to provide services and products that were specific to trappers. For many years YTA was also responsible for providing the Trappers Education Program, an instructional workshop to teach the basics of trapping. The Yukon Government (YTG) has taken this program over. Since 2009 YTA has been run by a solid group of volunteers who provide all the services and maintain the administrative integrity of YTA without pay.

Meet our board

Executive Board 2022

  • President: Brian Melanson
  • Vice President: Grant Redfern
  • Secretary Treasurer: Jackie Yaklin
  • Directors: Robert Stitt, Mackenzie Mertz, Larry Barrett, Sonja Seeber, John Gibson, Jim Haney, Victor Sokalski