The Yukon Trappers Association was formed 1973. We have dedicated board members who’ll work hard in their respective fields.

Hello all,
a TV company reached out – they want to film you, the trapper. See below.

I’m a producer for the show Mountain Men, which airs on History Channel in the States. We are in search of new characters to feature on the show, and we’d love to add someone in Canada, especially the Yukon. I figure you probably deal with a lot of trappers and other outdoorsmen up there, so I wanted to reach out and see if you knew of anyone who would be a good fit for the show.

What we look for on the show are people who have lives and livelihoods rooted in the outdoors. We like people who lead rustic, solitary lives, far removed from civilization. People who are self employed as trappers, hunters, tanners, loggers, guides, and bush plane pilots are great, but really anyone living off the land is a good candidate. And of course we want folks who are charismatic and have lives that would make for good television. We try to stay away from people who live in town full time, and are just weekend warriors. We want people who are full time outdoorsmen.

Although the name of the show is Mountain Men, we are totally interested in women as well if they fit the description above.

If anyone comes to mind, or if you have any questions about what we’re looking for please let me know. Feel free to pass this message along to other folks in your organization or anyone else you know that might know a potential Mountain Man.
David Thiede, Co-Executive Producer, Warm Springs Productions
406-451-2778, dcthiede@warmsprings.tv